2020 Music Video Awards

In an unlikely partnership, BK and the 2020 VMAs teamed up and brought an interactive experience to viewers who were stuck at home. We created three spots that aired during the VMAs which featured branded QR codes throughout that viewers were able to scan. Viewers used their phones to experience an AR performance of Lil Yachty and the King plus enter to win tickets to next year's event all from the comfort of their own homes.

In the end, we drove so much traffic to the site that it crashed.

Try scanning the QR codes throughout the spots to see the unique AR experience.

Clients: Burger King

Partnership: MTV 2020 VMAS

Copywriter: Vanessa de Beaumont

Art Director: Helen Rieger

Associate Creative Director: Cody Dummer

Executive Creative Director: Enrique Camacho

 Let's get things started. 

For the launch of the big event, we started things off with Lil Yachty and the King cooking up something big on Twitter.

 Now, for the performance of a lifetime.

Following our launch on Twitter, viewers saw the King and Lil Yachty pulling up together at the VMAs, but that's not all...

The Content

From BTS vocal warm ups to pep talks, we created 20+ pieces of unique content, so fans were able to follow what Lil Yahcty and the King were up to durning the show. 

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