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Gerry's Partisan Pizza


Gerrymandering isn't a new concept. Local legislation across the country have been slicing up districts for their own benefit for decades. So how does the anti-corruption organization RepresentUs turn up the heat on this issue? With free pizza. For a weekend we opened Gerry's Partisan Pizza. The only pizza shop and food truck that hand picks it's customers just like politicians hand pick their votes. 

The Pizza Shop

We gave out free pizza only to those who lived in Austin's 37th Voting District. 

The Food Truck 

We took Gerry's on the road to other cities where local legislation were drawing Gerrymandered districts.  


Clients: RepresentUs, Copywriter: Mackenzie Hart, Senior Art Director: Helen Rieger, Designer: Sabrina Saccente, Creative Director: Hunter Fine, Executive Creative Directors: Bianca Guimaraes & Kevin Mulroy 


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