Barclays & American Airlines

It’s a human truth: so much of our time is spent thinking about there.

Vacationing there, scootering there, eating foods you can’t pronounce there.

And so often "there" seems out of reach. Until now. Now, you can be there,

and love how you get there. with AAdvantage Aviator, this is where there begins.



Zoe Myers

art director 

Helen Rieger

executive creative director

Fred Saldanha 

Max Geraldo


Nick Hall 


Digital OOH

Additional Unique Stills

We created a robust image library full of advantageous  travel activities.
Here are a few of my favorites showcasing the "theres" and "heres" of each scenario. 

Behind the Scenes

We traveled to 2 different countries to capture 50 unique images in 15 days that span 

OOH, digital and inflight materials. 

© 2020 Helen Rieger.