with airbnb you can get closer to the action than if you stayed at a normal hotel. airbnb has over 3 million listings all over the world to give their costumers access to extraordinary places. 

airbnb extension

Every adventure starts somewhere and with Airbnb they start wherever you’re staying.  In order to share these experiences with the public we will install a variety of doors around different locations of New York. The locations of these doors will be shared via Google Street View. For those who finish finding all the doors they will win a discount on their next stay with Airbnb. 



The locations of these doors will be shared via the Google Maps app which will all allow for a 360 video feature. While you walk through the door frame the 360 video will appear on the app allowing for an immersive experience. Using the cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West), we would be able to spilt the 360 view in half: 180 degrees with a view of Cape Town and the other 180 degrees with a view of the Airbnb room in Cape Town.

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